Application Design & Development

We specialise in Application Design & Development. Our main expertise lies in providing key technical inputs to our esteemed customers for their customised computer software application development project requirements. Know more...

IT Consulting Services

We assist you by formulating the appropriate IT strategies to re-engineer your business processes. We offer consulting services ranging from strategy, process to technology, quality and solution architecture. Know more...

Software Quality Management

Software quality is a critical concern for many organisations. We offer Software Quality Management services ensuring the quality of your software and the conformance of your software development processes to industry standards and methods. Know more...

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Most of the top global companies regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets due to lack of proper information, processes, and tools. Know more...

Application Design and Development

We have a deep domain experience and expertise with application development, integration and maintenance. We provide development services for wide range of business domains.

We design and build websites, web and desktop based n-tier applications and mobile applications to suit your purpose

Web: We have a deep understanding of how to solve business challenges with elegant custom web application solutions, and understand the critical balance between design and functionality. We also bring in our domain experts and design experts when needed to deliver a fully functional applications and that to very beautiful.

Mobile: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone? We work with all of them. We also know how to build cross-platform native and mobile web solutions. We understand phones and tablets, as well as all the integration scenarios with your existing business systems.

Desktop: Sometimes, we can't ignore the obvious. Desktop applications are an easy solution. We help our clients think through the business problems, develop solutions and integrate with existing internal or external systems.

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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence:  
Business Intelligence help large corporates uncover customer trends, and identify market gaps for future product positioning and marketting strategies. Most of the companies are replacing their Decision Supporting System (DSS) and Management information Systems (MIS) with Business Intelligence applications.

Many large corporates have made huge investments in business intelligence product suits. Business Intelligence solutions are complex and required great deal of support to manage them and optimise. This is where we can come and make a difference.

Data Warehousing:  
Companies use data warehousing to analyse common trends over a period of time. They use data warehousing to view day-to-day operations but it's primary use is to facilitate strategic planning resulting from long-term data overviews. Reports can be extracted and projections can be made from such overviews, business models, forecasts. All this helps in smarter business decisions. It is becoming increasingly beneficial to companies use Data Warehousing solutions.

Building one such Data Warehousing solution is critical for companies in this competitive world. Data warehouses must be flexible yet robust, scalable to support millions of terabytes of data. Users must have fast and easy access to the data to analyse trends and respond quickly as and when opportunities arise.

We are building extensive experience in our company in designing, deploying and managing data warehouses for various industries.

IT Consulting Services

We assist you by formulating the appropriate IT strategies to re-engineer your business processes. We offer consulting services ranging from strategy, process to technology, quality and solution architecture.

Our IT consulting provides services in the areas of Business Transformation, Business Process Re-Engineering, Process Improvements, Enterprise Architecture Consulting, Cyber Security Consulting, IT Resource optimisation, etc.

Software Quality Management

An effective quality management system reduces IT risk by preventing problems and detecting defects where they occur. Make the quality management discipline a major component of your company's IT risk reduction strategy. Companies with effective quality management systems achieve > 95% defect removal efficiencies and experience ROI's > $15 for each $1 spent.

Our Software Quality Management focuses in managing not only the quality of the software product but also of it's development process.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)
- We help organisations define standards, regulations, and procedures to produce, verify, evaluate and confirm work products during the software development lifecycle.
- Incorporate knowledge base of best practices
- Select Off-the-shelf software tools to apply the above.
Software Quality Plan (SQP)
- We help organisations develop project level quality plan. It is a commitment by the project to follow applicable set of standards, regulations, procedures and tools during the development lifecycle. It contains quality goals to be achieved, expected risks and risk management. The SQP is derived from the SQA and may included additional new procedures, standards and tools complementing missing or not-applicable SQA components that have been written in particular for the project, or imported from outside the organization.
- Help project managers justify the deviations from of the SQP from the SQA to the management for their confirmation.
Software Quality Control (SQC)
- Ensure in-process that both SQA and SQP are being followed by the development teams.
- Mentor how to produce artifacts, such as well-defined engineering documents using standard templates
- Mentor how to conduct standard processes, such as quality reviews
- Perform in-process quality reviews to verify, evaluate and confirm artifacts
- Verify and evaluate to improve the use of methods, procedures and adopted software tools

Software quality management can be realized in various ways depending on organization and type of realized project and it should necessarily support the whole software development lifecycle actitivies viz collecting requirement, designing the solution, solution implementation, change management, project clusure, etc.

Software Testing Services

This particularly services focuses exclusively on software QA. We offer this a seperate service for the solutions that are not developed at our end and requires independent validation and verification of our client's application product. Here, We aim to ensures that the product under testing :

- meets the requirements that guided its design and development,
- the product works as expected,
- the product can be implemented with the same characteristics,
- and satisfies the needs of stakeholders.

Software testing, depending on the testing method employed, can be implemented at any time in the software development process.

- Ad hoc testing
- Alpha testing
- Beta testing
- Black box testing
- Code-based testing
- Compatibility testing
- Design-based testing
- Incremental testing
- Integration testing
- Interface testing
- Load Testing
- Performance testing
- Regression testing
- Security testing
- Stress testing
- Unit testing
- White box testing